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Are you an Owner or Manager of
Vacation Rental Property?
you need Free Exposure to your Property on the Internet?

QualityHotel.net has started a unique Free Property Listing where you get full 3 months to check out our performance. You can list 3 of your properties absolutely FREE for 3 months! If you are satisfied with the results that you get from the Free Listing, you can convert the Free Listing into a Paid Listing and you can avail of the following Special Rates!
If you convert your Free Listing into a Paid Listing during the first month of listing, we will add 3 more months to 12 months of paid listing and your time for paid listing starts only after the completion of 3 months Free Listing! This means that you get a full 18 months listing for the payment for 12 months!
Similarly, if you convert your Free Listing into a Paid Listing in the second month of Free Listing, we will add 2 Free Months to 12 months of Paid Listing so that you get 17 months listing for the payment of 12 months. However, if you wait till the last month to convert your Free Listing into a Paid Listing, we will offer you 1 Free month's listing to make it a 16 months listing for the payment of 12 months. If you are owning or managing more than 10 Properties, please let us know and we will work out a special program for you to get maximum exposure to your properties and to generate as much business as possible.
We will remind you once every month during the 3 months Free Listing to convert your Free Listing into a Paid listing and we are sure you will take the benefit of the special offers as mentioned above. However, if you do not convert your Free listing to a paid listing, we will remove the listing at the end of Free period of 3 months.

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